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Ads, Sponsorships and Paid Collaborations:

We are blessed to be able to blog for a living, and we love getting to work with great brands! If you are interested in working with us, fill out the form below or send your inquiry to: simplysagastume@gmail.com

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Blog Coaching Sessions:


Anna has been working in the blogging/social media industry in various positions for the past two years. She is extremely knowledgeable in all the many aspects of what it takes to create a successful blog, and she helps businesses and individuals to find their brand, build their following, and monetize their blog & social media. She is now offering individual blog coaching sessions (over FaceTime or in person) at a rate of $100 an hour. When you book a session, you will also receive her full blogging guide for free! Send an email to simplysagastume@gmail.com to learn more or to book your session.

Photography & Videography:

Head over to Sagastume Photography’s Facebook page to see our photography work!