Transitioning to a Top-Knot Man Bun

| Written by Tristan |

Over the past several weeks I have been letting my hair get prettyyy long (for me at least). I’m working on growing out my hair to do a top-knot man bun.

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transitioning to a top-knot man bun

This has been an exciting, scary, and well, awkward transition. It sorts of feels like a leap of faith. I have long left behind the comfort zone of a short and collected haircut, and my hair was getting pretty crazy as I’ve been trying to grow it out.

men's hairstyle

We realized I needed to do something to make my hair look a bit more controlled while it’s in the process of growing out, and so I stopped by Haus Salon’s North Loop location yesterday. My stylist, Emily, did a fantastic job coming up with a good transitional-look.

Men's haircut

Men's haircut close up

Not only is HAUS filled with incredibly talented stylists, the building is incredible as well!

Haus Salon North Loop

Haus Salon

In a few weeks I will get  another trim like this one, where I leave the top untouched but trim the sides. Once summer hits, my hair should be top-knot man-bun ready!

Men's casual look


That’s it for now. Thanks for following along, and I can’t wait to keep y’all in the loop as the top-knot man bun progresses!

Blessings from my family to yours,


Tristan Sagastume



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