Transitioning to a Simpler Wardrobe…

Women's everyday casual spring and summer fashion striped top

Growing up, I never really had a “defined” style, but I had the tendency to lean toward clothes that were on the fun and girly side. People have always told me I look good in pastels and florals, and to stay away from blacks, whites, and reds; so I did.

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Everyday women's casual spring and summer striped blouse

I’ve been learning a lot about myself this past year, including learning more about my personal style. At the beginning of the year, my closet was filled with floral maxi dresses, pastel tops, and ripped up jeans. But lately, I’ve been leaning toward a simpler wardrobe, filled with basic pieces that I’ve never had the courage to wear before.

striped white and blue blouse, black jeans, and brown heeled booties

Shirt | Jeans | Booties

I feel like I used to dress at such extremes. One day, I would be wearing a floral dress and heels, and the next day it would leggings and an old sweatshirt. I’m finally starting to settle somewhere in the middle. I now wear pieces that fit well, and are just as comfortable as they are practical.striped button up shirt tucked in with

It’s funny, isn’t it? Stepping outside your fashion comfort zone doesn’t always mean these crazy out there clothing choices. For me, it has meant choosing some simpler, classic pieces that always seem to be in style (probably for a reason!).

black american eagle jeans, brown heeled booties, and striped blouse

What is my wardrobe starting to look like now? Well, here are some of my current favorite pieces to give you an idea:

8 Pieces I am loving lately



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