The Importance of Rest + Self-Care During The Holiday Season

Aloha from Florida! 😉

Tristan and I got in late Thursday night, and had a busy day yesterday. Throughout the day, I started noticing how physically tired, emotionally drained, and over-stimulated I’d become. December is always such a crazy season, and my body was crying out in protest over everything I’d put it through; it was begging for rest.

But how can I, or any of us truly rest over the holiday season? Our days are packed with an insane mix of excitement and obligation, and the pressure is on to rush, to do, and to perform. Even if we take the time to physically rest, we are often still pushing ourselves mentally and emotionally. Do we ever really just STOP this time of year? We usually don’t.

But last night when everything in me was crying out for me to stop, I had to listen. I knew that I could continue to push myself. I could push myself through the day at the amusement park that was scheduled for today, and the big family gathering scheduled for tomorrow, and Christmas day after that. I knew that I could keep on pushing all the way up through the New Years. But I didn’t want to.

I refuse to keep sacrificing my peace (and even my sanity at times), for the sake of doing. I don’t want to just constantly be doing things. Instead I want the activities I do participate in to be ones where I am able to be fully present. I want to be able to thoroughly enjoy the moments and the people around me this season, and so when I start to feel like I’m losing that it’s time to stop. To take a step back; to give myself that rest and alone time my new-found introvert self so desperately needs.

See, what’s the point of all the holiday activities if they cause us to lose sight of what’s really important- loving the people around us? And how can we love the people around us well if we don’t first take the time to love ourselves?

I don’t want to be running on empty this holiday season. I don’t just want to be physically present, I want to be emotionally, mentally, and spiritually present as well. And in order to do that, I need to devote time to truly REST.

For me, rest today looks like writing this blog post – the satisfaction of getting all of these feelings into words and sentences. It also looks like a walk on the beach, with messy hair and no makeup and a cup of tea and spending most of the day in beautiful solitude. And later tonight, I will rest by taking a long hot shower. And tomorrow, I’ll be able to be fully present to those around me again, as it should be.

What will rest look like for you this holiday season?


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