The Best Pancakes yet! (Grain Free, Dairy Free & Sugar Free)

Tristan and I have been trying hard eat an as-close-to-paleo-as-we-can-get diet the past few months, and one thing my man has missed is his pancakes. I’ve been sketched out with most grain-free pancake mixes/recipes I have seen, as they all end up tasting too bland, or too grainy-tasting.

We had these pancakes at a friends house first and Tristan seriously couldn’t get enough of them, so we made them ourselves while we were in Florida. These pancakes are paleo friendly*, and they actually taste really good (better than normal pancakes, in my opinion).

To learn more about what’s in these pancakes, check out their website here. Also yes, we cheated a bit with the orange juice. Don’t judge 🙂

Most paleo-friendly meals take a lot of prep time, which is making me appreciate this boxed pancake mix all the more! I haven’t had anything else by this brand, but I’m hoping to give more of their products a try in the future.

Also- instead of syrup, we just mashed up some fresh raspberries and put the jam on our pancakes. It kept the meal sugar free (other than the orange juice), and it tasted delicious!

Trying to eat paleo friendly may seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have too be! 🙂

Blessings & Love, Anna Sagastume



*The instructions on the box say to use milk or water. We used almond milk, and it tasted just fine!


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  • Ellen

    Written on Feb 01


    It is very challenging it is my ultimate goal but for now, i will start with dairy and gluten free diet the first recipes that I tried is even my kids love it.

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