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  • lavender and striped spring dress

Spring Must Haves

written by Anna Happy Monday! I cannot believe it is almost the end of March already. Spring is in the air, and we’re all pretty excited for it over here! I feel like the things that I like change super dramatically with each season change. Does anyone else have this…
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How We Road Trip (2018)

If you know us, then you know that we LOVE road trips! We started off 2017 with a 4 day road trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to welcome Peach into our family.  We also spent a night in an awesome Pittsburgh Mansion – Click here to check that out if you haven’t…
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  • Tristan and Anna Sagastume Husband and Wife lifestyle bloggers

A Shift in Seasons

It’s crazy to think that we’ll both be graduating in just two months! Our days have been busy lately, filled with finishing lots of little things up and preparing for the next season of our lives. Tristan is looking to start his dream career in the coffee industry, and I…
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Transitioning to a Top-Knot Man Bun

Over the past several weeks I have been letting my hair get prettyyy long (for me at least). I’m working on growing out my hair to do a top-knot man bun. I have long left behind the comfort zone of a short and collected haircut, and my hair was getting pretty crazy as

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Self Care: Blackhead Edition

Lately, we’ve been trying to be more intentional about making Sunday a rest/self care day. After a long week, there’s nothing better than a day spent at home with just the two of us (and Peach, of course). This post is sponsored by Biore. As always, thoughts and opinions are…
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  • Healthy Meal Planning with Frelii

Healthy Meal Planning with Frelii

A big health struggle for me is that I don’t remember to eat during the day! It’s easy for me to wake up, have some orange juice and a protein bar for breakfast, and then forget to eat again until 6 or 7pm. I have some blood sugar issues so

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