Our Top 5 Favorite Productivity Tools

Happy Monday! We’ve gotten a lot of requests lately to share our favorite apps for organization and productivity, so we wanted to hop on here and talk about a few of those with you guys. With all the different things on our plates in this season we’re really working on doing our best to stay as organized and productive as possible, and these apps our helping us with that.

Check them out and let us know what you think:

1. DONE (Habit Tracker App)

Creating healthy habits is key in developing an organized and productive lifestyle. We love the Done app because it’s a super simple way to set habits and then track your progress. You can set your goals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and then set reminders for yourself as well.

2. ASANA (Organizer App)

We use the Asana App to keep track of everything that goes into running SimplySagastume.com, from content scheduling to website maintenance, and everything in between! It’s another super easy and effective tool. You create a project (such as an upcoming blog post) and then can list out all the tasks that need to be done for that project (photoshoot, content writing, editing, etc.). It’s all in a checklist format so that you can just cross things off when they’re done, and you’re able to set deadlines for everything.

3. SPOTLESS (Clean Home Checklists App)

One thing we’ve really been working on in our new apartment is settling into a good cleaning routine. Spotless lets us create a daily, monthly, and weekly checklist for everything in our house and then reminds us what needs to get done each day!

4. MINT (Budgeting App)

Mint is the only budgeting app we’ve used since getting married, and we’ve loved it since day one! It has every spending category imaginable, and you get to set a monthly budget for each category specifically. It’s a super easy setup, and then throughout the month it will give different graphs to show you how well you are sticking to your budget for each category.

5. Google Calendar

Pretty much everyone has this app, but we’re finally starting to take full advantage of it! It’s super helpful that we can sync our calendars, plus being able to categorize everything. We always prefer having everything scheduled out on a paper planner first, but copying it all into our google calendars is great because then we can also get reminders on our phone.


We hope these apps help you as much as they’ve helped us!

Lots of love,

The Sagastume’s

Our Top 5 Tools for Productivity | SimplySagastume



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