Life in the Process + A His & Hers Formal Look

Written by Anna

His & Hers Formal LookLife is crazy, and full of unexpected changes. It’s been hard to sit down and write a blog post lately. We’ve had so much we wanted to update y’all with, yet a lot of it we weren’t 100% certain of. I’m a huge planner, and so unexpected changes and uncertainty revolving around big life plans really isn’t my thing. Even if it’s something good and exciting, I still find myself feeling a bit unhinged when unplanned change comes my way. But I’ve been realizing lately that very few life plans are ever 100% certain, and that’s okay. Life just keeps moving forward, and so please bear with me as I try to be better at giving y’all updates while things are still in the process; while we’re still figuring it all out.

A Formal Look for Her

His & Hers Formal LookThat being said, we’re in the midst of some pretty big life changes. Many of you know that we had been planning to move to North Carolina (we talked about it in this post). Those plans have actually changed. And, while we still hope to move to NC some time in the future, we will actually be staying in Minneapolis for (at least) another year, as there are some pretty cool opportunities that have opened up for us here. We have been working together as baristas for a company called Coffee Cart MPLS since March, and we just got hired on for a managerial role together. Coffee Cart is a mobile espresso bar catering service. It’s based in Minneapolis, but we travel too. We do all types of events such as weddings, corporate events, grad parties, churches, and more!

Though an unexpected change, we really do feel like this job is the perfect fit for us right now. We are super excited about it because we get to work together, which we absolutely love. And the hours are super flexible which allows time for us to continue to work on the blog together as well! Tristan also got an additional part time job at one of his favorite local coffee shops. He’s super passionate about specialty coffee, and both of these jobs will give him such good experience and connections within that industry. The specialty coffee scene in Minneapolis is super awesome, and we’re excited to be a part of it all in this next season!

His & Hers Formal LookWe’ll also be moving into a new apartment in Minneapolis on July 1st, and we seriously can’t wait! It truly is the apartment of all our aesthetic dreams haha. We’re so excited to start designing and making the place our own. You’ll be sure to see lots of “home” posts from us in the upcoming months.

We’ll definitely share more about all of this in the future. For now I just wanted to give you a quick update on everything. And, I wanted to share with y’all this formal look that Tristan and I wore to a wedding last weekend!

His & Hers Formal Look

His & Hers Formal LookTristan was a groomsmen in one of his best friend’s weddings, so of course he had to wear a suit. I wanted something to match him. And this dress matched almost perfectly! It is actually a prom dress, but I fell in love and couldn’t resist getting it. It was a great deal. We went to Macy’s and they were trying to get rid of all of their leftover prom dresses, so everything was hugely discounted! This dress was normally $128, but I was able to get it on sale for $44! Unfortunately I couldn’t get the link this dress because it was on clearance. But if you are looking for a good deal on a formal dress, I would recommend going to Macy’s, Jcpenny’s, or other stores like that. It seems like many of them have lots of great formal dresses on clearance right now, which is so awesome!

Lots of love,
Anna Sagastume


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