How to make your Instagram Comeback

How to make your instagram comeback As a blogger, I’ve been obsessed with Instagram since day one. In the first 6 months of having the gram, I grew my following to 8,000, which was a huge accomplishment for me! I was on the fast track to hitting that 10k mark and I couldn’t have been happier. Not only was I having a ton of fun creating content, but my engagement was soaring and I was getting to connect with so many amazing people!

Then June 2016 hit with it’s *terrible* algorithm changes. Over the next year, I lost 4,000 followers and my engagement dropped from 75% to 8%. It was super discouraging and to be honest, I almost gave up on Instagram. I never saw posts from anyone I really cared about, and it felt like everyone was becoming caught up in the follow to unfollow game, removing all of the authenticity that I had so loved about Instagram.

Stuck in the black hole of Instagram? Here’s how I got out, and how you can too

Instagram went downhill fast for me. But slowly and surely these last few months, I’ve starting to actually enjoy Instagram again and my engagement/following is slowly gaining ground. I am by no means “Insta famous”, but I’m happy and content with where my Instagram is at right now. I no longer feel stuck in the black hole of the ‘gram, and you shouldn’t either.

How to make your Instagram comeback with SimplySagastume

Are you ready to make your Instagram comeback? Then it’s time to do these 4 things

1. Stop obsessing about the numbers

I fell into the trap of obsessing with numbers and putting it on myself to grow my account by a certain percentage each month, and it quickly sucked the life out of my Instagram. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to want to grow your influence on social media, but if you’re feeling drained then maybe it’s time to take a step back and re-prioritize. Your success as a blogger is NOT defined by your Instagram following. Instagram is a fun and helpful tool, but it’s not the all-in-all of blogging. If your Instagram isn’t doing as well as it used to, that’s okay. Your popularity on social media will fluctuate, but your worth as a person and a blogger won’t. So just take a step back and take a bigggg breath 🙂

2. Post what you WANT on Instagram and don’t be afraid to be yourself

I’m a firm believer that authenticity is key for succeeding on social media. So, post what you WANT to post on Instagram; not what you think you should post. Be authentic, and be yourself. I’ve always loved Instagram because it gives it’s users a platform for them to get to take and make their own! Your feed should represent YOU, whatever that looks like. Be confident in yourself and be authentic, and people will want to follow that.

3. Unfollow accounts you don’t connect with

Please, hear this loud and clear first: DON’T play the follow to unfollow game! It’s seriously so rude and fake and it may get you followers in the short term, but it will kill your engagement later on. And again, it’s just rude.

That being said, I do think it’s good to go through the list of who you follow every now and then, and unfollow accounts that you just don’t connect with / don’t have an interest in following anymore (I usually do this once every 3 months). That way when you scroll through your Instagram feed, you’ll actually be seeing things you want to see and will enjoy being on Instagram a whole lot more!

4. Seek connections over “popularity”

As a blogger, I do pay attention to the numbers and use Instagram and a platform to grow my blog. But numbers aren’t just numbers – each number represents awesome people who have chosen to follow you! Make the time to connect with your followers. Respond to as many comments and DMs as you can, and return the love to those who have followed you. If you notice someone regularly liking your photos, go check them out. You may love their account just as much as they love yours! Spend intentional time commenting and liking other peoples posts, and view the gram as a place to make connections with other awesome people who share common interests with you!


Also, don’t loose hope when it comes to the algorithm! Instagram just announced that they are going back to a *mostly* chronological feed (HALLELUJAH)! Read all about it here


There you have it, the 4 things I’m doing that have me enjoying Instagram again! They are super simple, but seriously have made a world of difference for me, and I hope they help you as well!

I don’t usually write about blogging stuff, so let me know if you would like me to write more posts like these! 



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