His Style: Summer Staples


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his style: summer staples

When it comes to deciding what to wear in the summer, versatility and functionality are two important factors for me. That doesn’t mean however that I have to settle for baggy cargo shorts and a bright graphic T, haha. I love this summer look as it’s fresh, clean, and yet a bit casual. I consider it my staple, as I have found it to serve me well in a variety of situations, and it has easily become one of my favorites for this season.

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His Style: Summer Staples

First of all, these jorts from Hollister are super comfortable and have a nice stretch, but I also like them for their versatility. I can wear them to the beach, go for a bike ride, or even dress them up with a button up T (as seen here) for a spontaneous date night! 😉 They are causal enough however that if they get sand, dirt, or whatever on them, it doesn’t put a pause on our day. If anything, it only adds to the day as a short story, and we are free to cary on with the rest of our adventure.

His Style: Summer Staples

Speaking of a button up T, this shirt from American Eagle has become my new favorite shirts! I’ve always been drawn to these kinds of shirts, as they are simple and yet dressy enough to stand out above other shirts. I love this one in particular – it is softer than most button up shirts, which makes it more comfortable in the heat along with the coolness of wearing a white shirt. On casual days I like to leave the first two buttons undone like today, and for more dressy moments I like buttoning it up to the top!

His Style: Summer Staples

Summer has been a lot of fun for Anna and I, and we love the freedom that a sunny day brings. We find ourselves starting out our day with a basic plan, but curiosity and adventure leads us down multiple unexpected avenues. Whatever the pace of our day may look like, I’m a fan of this outfit as it feels good, looks good, and has served us well on many adventures!

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