Friday Favorites: Reasons for Blogging

Friday Favorites: Why we Blog | SimplySagastume

The past 24 hours have been a bit crazy (well really, crazy has just been our normal lately). We had an emergency chiropractor appointment, Peach got a total poodle haircut, and we’ve been on the road all day today! We usually share more details about what’s going on each day in our instagram stories. Go give us a follow over there if you’d like to see more of what we’re calling “the crazy season”, haha!

In other news, today is Friday; which means another Friday Favorites! We both do lots of work on this blog, and it’s one of our favorite things ever. There are honestly TONS of reasons why we love blogging. Today, we wanted to share our top 4 reasons with you guys. We hope you enjoy getting to know a bit of the why behind SimplySagastume. If you are thinking of blogging for a living, we hope these encourage you as well!

Okay, here’s our favorite reasons for blogging:

1. Being creative entrepreneurs

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of SimplySagastume. We don’t just write  blog posts and take photoshoots, haha! We spend hours each week studying market trends, working on partnerships with brands, optimizing all our content, and so much more. It’s not just a blog for us, but it’s also a business! We are both marketing majors with entrepreneurial hearts. So, we love that the blog allows us to dream creatively, and then to execute those dreams, and make an income from doing so!

2. The relationships and connections that come through blogging

The opportunities and connections that you can form through blogging are practically endless. So far we’ve gotten to connect with a few local businesses as well as bigger brands, and it’s been so fun to partner with them. We also love getting to connect with other bloggers, both to share what we’ve learned with new bloggers and to learn from those who have been in the blogging game far longer than us. And, we’re so excited for all the relationships that will continue to be built through blogging!

3. The flexibility and freedom full-time blogging brings

When blogging is your work, you can work anytime, and from (almost) anywhere! And while that can sometimes mean fixing a website crash at 3am in the morning, it also means a much more flexible schedule than a traditional job could ever offer. Blogging means that we can work from home, fun coffeeshops, or as we travel. It gives us more time for adventure, and it gives us so many opportunities to live life to the fullest that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

4. Working together

This one pretty much speaks for itself, haha. We like being around each other, so working together isn’t much different! Being able to blog is such a unique opportunity for us, as most jobs don’t allow family to work together, period. It’s also so fun to plan, strategize and create content together. It’s such a fulfilling thing when you are able to combine your strengths together to create something you are both passionate and proud of!

5. Sharing our Journey

Life truly is just one big adventure. As we share our journey, we have been able to connect with so many of you who are in similar seasons of life and have similar questions, struggles, and interests. We hope this blog is a place where we can all grow together, and we love providing you guys with everyday resources and inspiration. If you haven’t subscribed to SimplySagastume yet, you can do so below. We’d love to have you on this journey with us! Just as we share our journey, we hope to be a part of your journey as well. Feel free to send us an email ( if you’d like to connect.

Lot’s of love,

The Sagastume’s

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