Friday Favorites: Minneapolis Coffee Shops

Simply Sagastume Anna and Tristan's favorite Minneapolis Coffee Shops

One of the things we love most about Minneapolis is how many unique coffee shops there are. On any given day, you can find a shop that appeals to college students, business people, artists, motorcyclists, and everything in between. Lately, we’ve realized that our favorite shops all have these common characteristics: a well-lit and airy space, great coffee, and a slightly more clean and productive atmosphere to stir our creative juices. That being said, here are our top 4 favorite Minneapolis coffee shops; we hope you love them as much as we do!

Tristan at Fivewatt | Best Minneapolis Coffeeshops


1. Five Watt

Five Watt is actually the first coffee shop we ever went to together. We skipped out on school (which we almost never do haha) one warm day last May to visit this fun coffee shop with a huge garage door that they open up on warm spring days. They are nationally known for their unique and creative latte recipes, which we always pair with one of the delicious muffins from Sift Gluten Free Bakery that they serve. Five Watt is the most unique shop on our list, so if you want to try something fresh and new, Five Watt won’t disappoint!

FiveWatt Coffee | Best Coffeeshops in Minneapolis

Espresso bar and Modbar at FiveWatt Coffee | Best Minneapolis Coffeeshops

Coffee and Gluten Free Muffins at FiveWatt | Best Minneapolis Coffeeshops

2. Parallel

We absolutely LOVE the space at parallel! There is tons of natural lighting, and the coffee shop has one of the best layouts we’ve seen yet. They have a wide variety of seating options, which makes for a very productive space that caters to everyone’s needs. We like sitting at their beautiful marble tables, but they also have stand up desks and a sofa, as well as bar seating and a community table. They have their own parking lot, which is huuuge if you know Minneapolis coffeeshops haha. Not only that, but they offer delicious brunch items, which makes Parallel our go-to place for when we need a productive space that allows us to work through the lunch hour.

Parallel Coffee | Best NEW coffeeshops in Minneapolis

Inside Parallel Coffee | Best coffeeshops in Minneapolis

Espresso and Instagram at Parallel | Best Coffeeshops in Minneapolis

3. Anelace

When it comes to quality-service and coffee perfection, Anelace is our favorite! They serve a stellar pour-over, and some of our favorite espresso is here. The baristas bring your drink to the table, and they have a beautiful, minimalist design. On top of that, our favorite coffee roaster, Counter Culture, is served here, which is a big bonus for us. They serve a Rose Cardamon Latte, which is one of our favorite drinks in all of Minneapolis. If you haven’t tried Anelace yet, you need to!

Anelace Coffee | Best Coffeeshops in Minneapolis

Anelace Coffee | Best Coffeeshops in Minneapolis

Pour Over Stand at Anelace Coffee | Best Coffeeshops in Minneapolis


4. Wesley Andrews

We met Jared, one of the co-owners of Wesley Andrews a few weeks ago, and visited his coffee shop for the first time on Monday. Honestly, we were so impressed with his shop that it jumped onto our “favorite Minneapolis coffee shops” list immediately. The design aesthetic of this place is amazing! They also roast their own coffee, and they have a variety of brewing vessels: from a simple Chemex, to an intricate siphon.

Wesley Andrews | Best Coffeeshops in Minneapolis

Boho, Modern, Minimalistic Coffeeshop design | Best Coffeeshops in Minneapolis

Boho, Modern, Minimalistic Coffeeshop design | Best Coffeeshops in Minneapolis

So there you have it, our four favorite Minneapolis coffee shops (so far… 😉 ) Have you visited any of these? Let us know!

Lots of love,

The Sagastumes


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