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Our First Time at Crisp and Green!

We’ve heard wonders about this restaurant, so we braved the cold today to visit Crisp & Green, a healthy made-to-order restaurant with two locations in the Minneapolis area. We visited the Wayzata location, and boy did we love it! The outside of the restaurant is absolutely adorable, and the inside…
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Beginning the Bone Broth Diet!

Enjoying my last Starbucks for a while (and probably my last day out of bed/the house for a while) because tomorrow I start the bone broth diet!! Tristan and I were originally planning to start the bone broth/21 day elimination diet later in January. However, right before Christmas we found…
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Herbal Teas for Every Ailment

A little over a month ago, I made the decision to stop taking meds (ibuprofen, benadryl, etc) for common everyday ailments. All drugs (even over-the-counter ones) do harm to your gut lining, and my gut is already messed up enough after years of being on antibiotics. Going “med free” has…
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