Being Married in College: How We Make It Work

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husband wife piggyback college students life changes

Being married in college: how do we make it work??

This is probably the most-asked question we’ve had since getting married last August (just 13 days before beginning our last year of school together). We love being married young. And, while being married in college can be challenging at times, we wouldn’t trade being married right now for the world! But we won’t lie, we are more than ready to be done with school in about 2 weeks haha. However, in the mean time, here are 4 of the biggest things we have done to make being married in college work for us:

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1. Coordinating (class) Schedules

During our fist semester of college, we had one heck of a class schedule. When one of us had class, the other was free, and when the other was free, the other one had class. This meant being at school from 8:00am to 4:30pm most days of the week, not to mention adding in work and homework. It made us feel like we were always trying to catch up with life, instead of enjoying the season.

When it came around to registering for classes this semester, we were very intentional about coordinating our schedules to complement each other’s. We signed up for some online classes, which meant we only have to be on campus Tuesday and Thursday. There is still just as much work to be done as before, but now our schedules are more in harmony and maximize our time together.

2. Minimizing Individual Commitments

This one goes hand and hand with coordinating schedules. Marriage is honestly just so much more time-consuming than most people can imagine. And the best way to prepare for the big life change is to simply make room for it. Sometimes, that means minimizing your individual commitments. For many college students, they are involved in a number of individual commitments, from sports to music, to leadership and clubs. If you are planning to get married while in college, then you’ll probably need to drop some individual commitments in order to make time for adjusting to the huge life changes that come with getting married.  It’s necessary to figure out the things that are most important to you, and to drop the things that aren’t. This is the best way to thrive (and stay sane haha) while being married in college.

Being Married in College: How We Make it Work

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Being Married in College: How We Make it Work

Being Married in College: How We Make it Work

3. Living Off Campus

When we were looking into where to live, we had to choose between living on campus in married housing, or off campus in an apartment. We chose to live in an apartment, which is something that we have really come to enjoy! Although we loose a bit of convenience by not being right on campus, it has really helped us to separate college from married life. We enjoy having our own place and not constantly be surrounded by everything “college” haha. Also, we have to plan out when we will be at school and when we will be at home each day. Our time is more intentional that way and better spent. We believe it has helped us even as we transition out of college now.

4. Finding Community

Marriage brings about a lot of life changes, and our friend groups changed a lot in the process too, which is natural. Simply put, adult married life is quite a bit different from single college life. Not everyone is able to embrace the new season of life that you are in, and that’s okay. What matters is being able to find the people who can embrace where you and your spouse are at.  We have made friends with other married couples on campus, which was exciting and refreshing. But don’t rule out the singles! Some of the best and most-involved community has come from some of our non-married friends. Married or not, find those who are ready to embrace this new season of life with you, and keep cultivating those relationships.

Being Married in College: How We Make it Work

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