A New Addition to our Family

Meet Peach, the newest member of our little family!

2018-01-14 041068173025..jpg

She’s a 9 week old cockapoodle puppy, and we’re pretty much convinced she’s the perfect dog. She loves cuddling, playing with her daddy, and any Kong toy out there.  She also likes being held in the air while we sing “Ahh Savenya Makakeeshi Mavaa” 😉

2018-01-14 04-1614827928..jpg

We took a 4 day road trip in our trusty old Toyota 4Runner (which by the way, happens to be older than me) up to Pennsylvania, where we got her from a family that lives on a Dairy farm in the midst of Amish Country – something that was super cool to see!

2018-01-14 04-1850893016..jpg

She did super well on the roadtrip and has enjoyed her first few days home. We can’t wait to share more of our little cutie pie with you all in the weeks, months and years to come!

2018-01-14 041093232702..jpg

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