A Cozy Morning

A Cozy Morning in bed with latte lavender coffee, journaling, candle, and coffee magazine.

A Cozy Morning in bed | Anna Sagastume | Girl Laughing

A Cozy Morning husband in bed with magazine smiling | Tristan Sagastume | Men's fashion casual

It’s the weekend, which for us today has meant lots of time for rest, relaxation, and quality time together! As we shared in this post, Tristan and I have been pretty busy lately, so a cozy morning together was much needed. We started off the day with coffee, like always. Tristan crafted a lavender latte for me, and an espresso for him. We’ve both fallen in love with the fresh and vibrant taste of lavender lattes, and drink them often. We’ve even started making our own lavender syrup at home!

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a Cozy Morning | lavender simple syrup home-made for latte coffee

a Cozy Morning | lavender simple syrup barista at home making latte coffee

a Cozy Morning | home barista lavender latte art

Tristan wants to start a coffee business someday, so it’s fun having our own coffee setup at home. We both get to experiment and find new coffee things that we like. It’s also definitely a treat to have good coffee in bed on a cozy morning like today!

a Cozy Morning | drinking lavender latte art | Anna Sagastume

We spent most of our morning in the bedroom with the blinds wide open, and the smell of cinnamon essential oils diffusing. We leisurely sipped our coffee and just spent some “alone but together” time. Tristan read his new coffee magazine, and I did some journaling. One thing most people don’t know about us is that we are both extroverted introverts, so this something that helps us recharge after a long week.

a Cozy Morning | Cinnamon Essential Oils diffusing in bedroom

a Cozy Morning | journaling in bed with coffee

a Cozy Morning | reading coffee magazine in bed

Peach likes to play with her toys under the bed when we are in there together. For some reason, she loves that space so much! When she’s playing under there, it can be hard to convince her to come back out.  However, we usually can’t resist the urge to pick her up and give her some love. If she’s being good, we’ll even let her on the bed to cuddle with us for a short time. She’s somewhat convinced she’s an actual baby, but it’s kind of the cutest thing ever haha.

a Cozy Morning | Peach puppy | Anna Sagastume

a Cozy Morning | Peach puppy | Tristan Sagastume

a Cozy Morning | Peach Puppy in bed

And of course, no morning of ours is complete without some goofy selfies! You’re welcome 😉

What does a cozy morning look like for you? Let us know in the comments!

Our Cozy Morning Essentials:


a Cozy Morning | reading magazine in bed | Anna Sagastume

Lots of love,

The Sagastumes

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Essential oils can be poisonous to dogs, especially cinnamon. Please talk to your vet before using any.

    1. lymewithjoyblog says:

      Oh no! Though not mentioned in this post, we never let Peach in our room while any essential oils are diffusing; just afterward. We’ve done some research and we try to only diffuse oils that are safe for dogs. However, we didn’t know that cinnamon was on the not safe list. Thank you for bringing it to our attention! We’ll be uber careful about our use of it in the future 🙂

  2. You have such a cute dog!

    1. lymewithjoyblog says:

      Thank you, Lindsay! 🙂

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